Voyager Fleet Insight (VFI)

Voyager Fleet Insight (VFI) - this is an online service, which provides a wide range of information for ship owners regarding their vessels and navigation. The service contains information about ships supplied by TGT eData or Global Navigation Solutions or/and using their software.

VFI is a data-led solution that helps you to work more efficiently. Voyager FLEET INSIGHT enables to Voyager Worldwide

  1. Track and manage your fleet from one location
  2. Get historic data analysis
  3. Predict costs more accurately
  4. Improve maintenance scheduling
  5. Get a detailed picture of your vessel navigational activities
  6. Ensure that your vessels are compliant
  7. View information for every vessel flag, class, trading specific
  8. Identify electronic navigational charts and digital publications overspend in your fleet
  9. View your fleet live on a large screen
Service is available at: VFI Voyager Worldwide
  • Products Onboard Collection and its flag compliance – recommendatory in nature.
  • You can check the onboard inventory online: digital and paper publications and charts, up to a separate electronic nautical chart cell. Moreover, the date of license order and the expiry date are also displayed here.
  • You can arrange digital and paper products collection by the edition date, the date of the last update, and the minimum flag requirements.
  • See the products list, order history.
  • Monitoring of ENC cells and paper charts usage (from 1 months up to 1 year period), where you can check the date of any definite ENC cell.

Information available for the vessels, which are not supplied by eData or GNS, but still using their software:

  • You can see all vessels’ voyages during last 12 months in a 6 hour resolution (if downloaded month by month). The data can be downloaded in xls format.

All voyages during last 12 months

  • Inspection history during last 3 years: the place of inspection, its date and the result (successful or not), the detention period and the reason of detention.

Inspection history during last 3 years

  • Port Call history during last 12 months is also available.


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