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NMs delivery services

TGT e-Data Digital Update Software

TGT e-Data is an onboard chart and publication updating service that provides commercial shipping companies with an extremely cost-effective, simple and efficient way to manage paper and digital chart and publication corrections. More...

AZIMUTH Software

E-Data LLC offers Azimuth software specially designed for Russian shipping companies. Azimuth software is the automated system which enables to keep onboard/onshore charts and publications collection up-to-date. With Azimuth system you can get the latest corrections and updates of your paper/electronic nautical charts and publications weekly. More...

Vessel Manager

Track the status of each electronic chart onboard and be sure in the safety of the ship and compliance. You can monitor the services, which your ships are subscribed to, and view the dates of the latest updates in the subscription management menu. It shows the actual collection of the vessel in real time. More...

Software Development

E-Data LLC provides services for the development and implementation of information systems related to the safety of navigation. The company has experience in developing software for providing navigational safety. More...


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