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The New Edition of Medical Logbook, 2021, Witherbys


Witherbys - Medical Logbook
Recommended for all vessels

Medical Logbook Witherby



This 2021 edition of the Medical Logbook contains tabulated pages for recording onboard medical treatment. It follows the format specified in MSN 1905 (M+F), Ships’ Medical Stores, and includes guidance on completion. It also includes the full text of this MSN for ease of reference.
This publication may be used both as a record book and a useful source of reference to medical provisions on board. The log sheets enable recording of approximately 300 separate entries.

The book reproduces MSN 1905 (M+F), including the Annexes:
Annex 1: Medical stores required and recommended additional equipment for workers
Annex 2: Additional requirements for passenger vessels – Doctor’s Bag
Annex 3: First aid kits
Annex 4: Advice on medicines to be carried on ships (including ferries) transporting dangerous substances
Annex 5: Medical documents to be carried and Telemedical Advice Services (TMAS)
Annex 6: Guide to the use of medicines
Annex 7: Requisition form for obtaining controlled drugs
Annex 8: Completion of the controlled drugs register.

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