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25 additional satellites to VFI AIS coverage


Improve your visibility of vessel movements with enhanced satellite coverage   


VFI new satellites

We’ve added 25 additional satellites to our AIS coverage to give you an enhanced picture of your fleet’s movements and track your vessels more accurately than ever before.


Get access to more up to date vessel location information, follow vessels wherever they sail and get better visibility of voyage progress port to port.


VFI vessel tracking service now offers:

  • 64 satellites and 2,800+ terrestrial antennas
  • Faster updating of vessel positions
  • Breadth of coverage - Pole to Pole now covered
  • Enhanced visibility in high density areas such as the Singapore Straits and South China Sea 


VFI Plus and Professional customers have been automatically upgraded to the enhanced tracking service.


To upgrade to get access to premium vessel tracking in VFI, view our price and package options here.


Via: Voyager Worldwide


Voyager Fleet Insight: VFI


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