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UK Hydrographic Office's notifications for the users of NavPac and ADMIRALTY EasyTide platform


08 April 2021

Admiralty - NavPac Patch Release 4.1.2

UKHO has made available a patch for NavPac 4.1. Please request for your patch release 4.1.2. from our technical support team.
This latest patch includes the following changes:
1. The fixing of a bug that caused NavPac to be unresponsive/crash when transferring high latitude values into certain functions. 
2. An updated constant used to calculate GHA Aries.
3. The fixing of a bug which prevented Time Zones being saved to and loaded from preferences files.
4. The fixing of a bug which prevented buttons in the top right of the screen being displayed when using additional functionality (Add-Ons).
5. General improvements to file access.



ADMIRALTY EasyTide to revamp platform and remove Enhanced Predictions in Autumn 2021

ADMIRALTY EasyTide is the tidal prediction service on the Web. The UK Hydrographic Office (UKHO) will be taking steps to simplify the tidal product portfolio by improving the design and ease-of-use of EasyTide.
Please find more information  at British ADMIRALTY

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