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This week's latest maritime publication releases


This week's latest maritime publication releases.




SIGTTO - LNG Shipping Suggested Competency Standards

Recommended / All LNG vessels


This document is written at a level suitable for organizations involved in training officers for LNG cargo operations. The high-level nature of the content is directed at a reader who is technically qualified and experienced in the subject of training and LNG operations.

These suggested standards are useful for all types of LNG carriers, regardless of size. They are relevant to any officer that is involved in the entire LNG cargo cycle operation, including the role of cargo engineer.

It is the responsibility of the owner to decide the appropriate level and type of training required, as part of a formal competence management system. Additional training, not covered by this document, may be required for specific operations or equipment.


Suez canal


SUEZ CANAL - Rules of Navigation

Essential for vessels transiting Suez Canal


A new edition of Suez Canal Rules of Navigation – December 2020 had been issued. Suez Canal Rules of Navigation – Dec 2020 edition shall be applicable to vessels transiting the Suez Canal starting from 1st of Jan 2021.

In this publication you'll find detailed information about Passage Procedures and rules of navigation for all Vessels Passing through the Canal. The author tries to clear all misunderstandings and to schedule the important information needed for Passage, as Authorities, construction and System.




MCA - Code of Safe Working Practices for Merchant Seafarers

Essential for all vessels 


Maritime & Coastguard Agency has issued the 5th Amendment to Code of Safe Working Practices for Merchant Seafarers (COSWP) 2015 Edition. Vessels are required to carry all 5 amendments to the 2015 edition to have the latest information and for compliance. Please contact our customer service team to purchase these amendments.


workboat codex


I.C. Brindle - Workboat Code 2 Training Manual (Life Saving Appliances & Survival Techniques)

Recommended for UK Flag vessels and non UK Flag vessels in UK Waters


A popular document that takes the time and hard work out of preparing training manuals and provides a manual that meets the requirements of the SCV and Pilot Boat Code.

The Code applies to:

• Small workboats (under 24m, or if built before July 1968, of less than 150 GT) that operate to sea

• Vessels in commercial use, other than recreational, sport or pleasure use

• All UK workboats, wherever they may be operating

• Non-UK vessels in UK waters or operating from UK ports

• All UK pilot boats, of any size

This manual is suitable for SCV Coded Vessels and Pilot Boats; similar uncoded vessels; barges, pontoons and similar vessels when under tow; and those complying with the (voluntary) MCA Code of Practice for Rescue Boats. Included is information concerning LSA Equipment, MOB Recovery, Abandonment, Survival, and Search and Rescue. Specific vessel details are to be entered by the operator so that when complete it becomes dedicated to a specific vessel, and so fulfils the spirit of the legislation.


SOLAS training manual I.C.Bindle


I.C. Brindle - SOLAS Training Manual (Life Saving Appliances & Survival Techniques)

Essential for all vessels


The popular SOLAS Training Manual takes the time and hard work out of preparing your training material and provides an up-to-date and user-friendly document that complies with the SOLAS requirements. Currently used in commercial shipping fleets around the world and considered by some to have become the international industry standard.

Key Features / Benefits: Meets the requirements of SOLAS Chapter III. Reg. 35. Covers all the common types of ship-board safety equipment – takes the hard work out of preparing your vessel’s training material The ship’s operator completes the final section of the manual with specific details for that particular vessel, so that the manual now becomes dedicated to that vessel. 

The 2021 edition now includes the Enclosed Space Entry Supplement. In addition to SOLAS, the text references the LSA, IBC, IGC, MODU, and POLAR Codes and much more.




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