Ballast Water Management Convention and Code compliance



Ballast Water Treatment System (BWT) Update

UK P&I has advised that individual vessel compliance dates for installing approved BWTS are tied to the first renewal date of their International Oil Pollution Prevention (IOPP) survey carried out after 19 September 2019. This year, 2022, will be a peak season for BWTS installations, according to the leading classification society, DNV1. They have projected that about 30% of the vessels on international voyages will reach their mandatory compliance dates in 2022. After that, installations will continue until 2024, by when the entire global seagoing fleet on international voyages must be compliant.


Following the latest news from UK P&I, we would like to remind all customers to proactively start preparations for the BWTs installations if not already been scheduled.

To further understand the latest
 regulation and mandates on Ballast Water Management Convention and Code, please consider ordering the following publications and logbooks to ensure vessel compliance, reference and recoding.

Carriage Compliance
  • IMO 621E/ IMO 621-EB Ballast Water Management Convention & BWMS code 2018 (IA621E)
  • BIM 003/ BIM 003-EB Shipmaster's Ballast Water Manual (BIMCO) Version 2.0
  • WITH 284/ WITH 284-EB Ballast Water Management
  • VWW 305 Ballast Water Record Book (General)
  • BAH 008 Ballast water record book (Bahamas Flag)
  • HKON 005 Ballast Water Record Book (Hong Kong Flag)
  • HMSO 038 Ballast Water Record Log Book (UK Flag/ MCA Version)
  • LBR 504 Ballast Water Record Book RLM-124 (Liberian Flag)
  • USP BK110 Ballast Water Record Book (US Flag)

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