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Witherbys - Passage Planning Guide, Baltic Sea: Skagen to Bornholm (PPG - Baltic, 2022 Edition)

Passage planning guide Baltic
Recommended for vessels navigating in Baltic Sea: Skagen to Bornholm

Passing the Danish Straits, either by the Great Belt or the Sound, leads ships through shallow water, strong currents, harsh weather conditions and high density of traffic, making it a complex challenge for mariners. The Passage Planning Guide – Baltic Sea: Skagen to Bornholm has been developed through cooperation between Witherbys, DanPilot and BIMCO to provide an overview for mariners and to assist in proper planning for a ship transiting in this area.

The purpose of this Guide is to provide navigators with the details of recommended routes, routeing measures and reporting systems when passing through this restricted sea area. The information has been supplemented by expert guidance on confronting the particular difficulties presented by traffic, water flow and weather patterns from pilots who operate in the region.

This Guide aims to provide navigators with the information they need to support the pilot during their transit through this region.

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Guide to Port Entry

Guide to port entry 2022

The 27th edition Guide to Port Entry will be available in April 2022 featuring detailed port information for over 12,900 commercial ports and terminals around the globe.

Each port has a unique layout and a distinct combination of regulations, restrictions, procedures, and requirements that mariners must know before executing a port call. Ports are also always evolving to meet the needs of the global economy, which means the layout and location of facilities and services are liable to change. It is necessary to know terminal and berth specific information ahead of time, to plan a port approach that is efficient and minimises unnecessary manoeuvering.

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