A Practical Guide to Salvage and Places of Refuge; Biofouling, Biosecurity and Hull Cleaning; The OSV Guide


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Salvage and Places of Refuge

A Practical Guide to Salvage and Places of Refuge - (For Shipboard Use)


Recommended for all vessels.

Hard copy and eBook

This Guide deals with the practical aspects of salvaging a ship and the implications for a ship that requires a Place of Refuge. 

It contains comprehensive guidance on the two related aspects of salvage and Place of Refuge for the ship Master, bridge team and the ship owning/operating company


Biofouling, Biosecurity and Hull Cleaning

Biofouling, Biosecurity and Hull Cleaning


Recommended for all vessels

Hard copy and eBook

This publication describes the various types of biofouling and the problems it can cause for ship operation and the marine environment. It examines the use of anti-fouling systems to prevent the build-up of biofouling as well as the options available for ship cleaning. It also sets out biofouling legislation and guidelines. The book includes data sheets for a number of hull cleaning companies worldwide.


The OSV Guide

The OSV Guide

Witherbys, UK Chamber of Shipping

Recommended for OSV vessels

Hard copy and eBook

This publication is a guide to the operation and management of offshore support vessels (OSVs). The Guide describes the differences between the offshore industry and conventional marine activity, covering areas such as towing procedures and environmental regulatory compliance. It is designed to be a valuable aid to learning and a useful reference source, particularly when complemented by other training resources.


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