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The important ECDIS safety notification from UKHO


The UKHO has issued the following important ECDIS safety notification. Please pass this information to your vessels urgently.

We have been made aware of a safety issue where the Isolated Danger symbol is not displaying as expected on some ECDIS in certain rare circumstances.

This issue results from the way some ECDIS are processing some ENC updates and will be resolved by issuing a New Edition of the affected ENCs as well as software upgrades to affected ECDIS.

ENC Producers and Regional ENC Coordination Centres are also aware of the issue and the few affected ENCs will be updated by New Edition as soon as possible.

The display issue does not affect the detection of Isolated Dangers in route checks or monitoring/anti-grounding checks.

The ECDIS Pick Report can access the information about the hazard as normal.

The correct symbol will display if the ECDIS is in display mode ‘ALL OTHER’.

This notice will be included in the AVCS README file from WK19/2021.

Until the measures above have taken effect, mariners should continue to respond to alerts and indications as normal but be aware that, in rare situations, an Isolated Danger symbol may not be showing on the display as would be expected.

If the yellow hazard highlight box is observed without a symbol, a manual update can be applied to insert the feature.


Via: Voyager Worldwide


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