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SeaiQ Pilot to use the official Primar, AVCS, UNiO charts from your tablet PC without ECDIS


The essential electronic navigation charts intended not only for boatmasters of large-capacity vessels. ENCs are needed for leisure boats, office and port staff as well, the convenient option for monitoring. To use the charts without ECDIS third-party software product can help. ENCs can be installed on a mobile device. You can use the official Primar, AVCS, UNiO charts from your tablet PC.

For example, some of our customers purchase some official charts and use the SeaiQ Pilot program - an multi-platform piloting solution with support on Apple iPad / iPhone, Windows and Apple macOS, suitable for all pilot plugs. It supports the standard chart formats S-63, S-57.

The program generates a User Permit Number (an identification number for a chart license - similar to ECDIS). The license account is created by email address. Then we send the license and the installation file for electronic chart to the customer.

The program cannot be used as a substitute for ECDIS under IHO requirements.



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