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The publications for crew knowledge and training on pilot transfer arrangements


Bahamas Maritime Authority (BMA) - Concentrated Inspection Campaign (CIC) on Pilot Transfer Arrangements on board all Bahamian ships

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Recent press releases and accident reports published by various organisations across the maritime industry reveal a growing number of serious accidents, incidents and near misses related to incorrect pilot transfer arrangements, or significant defects in associated equipment.

The root causes identified in these cases were mainly due to use of substandard and/or modified pilot and combination ladders, unauthorized modifications to deck access, defective winches and reels, and incorrect pilot ladder securing. All of these issues can be attributed to non-compliant designs, inadequate procedures, unsafe rigging, poor maintenance and/or insufficient crew training in relation to pilot transfer operations.

This campaign will be conducted at all flag inspections, conducted between 1 July and 31 December 2021.
The following publications that educates and enhances crew knowledge and training on pilot transfer arrangements are available to order:
BROW083         Pilot Ladder Safety 2012
NI016                Marine Pilot Safety 1996                       
OTH518            The Boarding and Landing of Pilots by Pilot Boat, Code of Practice 2011
OTH782            Rigging of Ladders for Pilot Safety 1st 2008        
WITH093           Required Boarding Arrangements for Pilot (poster) 2012 
WITH615           Pilot Ladder Manual – basic 2017
WITH616           Pilot Ladder Manual – Advanced 2017
XS222               Shipmasters Guide to Pilot Transfer by Helicopter 1st/1990


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