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New Maritime Publications: Bridge Watchkeeping by Nautical Institute; Passage Planning Guide, Ship Automation by Witherbys, The Mariner’s Role in Collecting Evidence Handbook by North; Official Log Book by Panama Authorities


New maritime editions are available to order:


Bridge Watchkeeping

Nautical Institute (NI) – Bridge Watchkeeping 

A Practical Guide, 3rd Edition, 2021

Recommended for all vessels


The new edition of Bridge Watchkeeping is set to become an indispensable companion for newly qualified watchkeepers as they take on their new responsibilities. The text has been completely revised and fully updated for the electronic bridge era.

The clear text makes the book a pleasure to read as author Captain Mark Bull FNI covers the OOW’s tasks in logical order, highlighting potential pitfalls and ways to avoid them, from preparation for sea, pilotage and the transition from coastal to ocean navigation, to anchoring, berthing and closing down the bridge after arrival in port.


Panama log book

Panama Maritime Authority – Directorate General of Merchant Marine

Official Log Book

Recommended for Panamanian Flag vessels


Panamanian legislation requires that every vessel under Panamanian flag carries an updated version of this log book.


Passage planning guide

Witherbys - Passage Planning Guide - English Channel, Dover Strait and Southern North Sea

Recommended for maritime industry


The 2021 edition has been fully revised and updated with assistance from serving deep-sea pilots and leading industry organisations. It now includes guidance covering German Bight.  This Passage Planning Guide provides up-to-date information for the safe and controlled transit of ships through the English Channel, Dover Strait and Southern North Sea, covering passages to and from:

•           MAAS/Rotterdam

•           Sunk/Thames

•           Wandelaar/Schelde

•           Elbe/Weser/Jade.

The Guide will be a valuable source of reference at every stage of the passage (appraisal, planning, execution and monitoring). It highlights aids to navigation, traffic separation schemes, distinctive chart features, traffic hotspots, potential hazards, etc, which are essential considerations for a controlled and safe passage.


collect evidence

North - The Mariner’s Role in Collecting Evidence Handbook,

A Guide to Good Practice

Recommended for all vessels


This publication, now in its second edition, guides mariners on collecting, pre-serving and reporting on various types of factual evidence relevant to incidents and accidents on board ship. All evidence types are contextualised through incidents involving people, cargo, hull and machinery, commercial disputes, pollution, and the ship itself. Chapters are supplemented by procedural checklists relevant to the evidence required.

This publication also equips readers with the knowledge necessary to demonstrate a ship’s compliance, improve shipboard operations and determine liability when pursuing or defending a claim. Evidence checklists cover areas such as personal illness and performance warranty disputes, meaning crew are prepared for various eventualities. Detail is given on digital evidence types, explaining the practical use of electronic devices such as ECDIS and mobile phones. The publication guides readers on good reporting practice and time management, so that all evidence can be handled sensitively and without delay.

This is also available in e-book.


ship automation 

Witherbys - Ship Automation for Marine Engineers and ETOs

Recommended for all vessels


Written by an industry expert, this publication covers every essential aspect of onboard automated systems. This second edition has been fully updated to include advances in marine automation and the wide variety of modern electrical appliances. It describes the features of different onboard circuits and the essential maintenance tasks to help prevent malfunctions and breakdowns. It also demonstrates how to approach troubleshooting in an efficient manner so that beginners in electrical engineering can quickly gain a level of proficiency, and professionals may greatly enhance their troubleshooting skills.

The guide illustrates with circuit diagrams, component schematics and case study photographs taken on board during modern fleet inspections.

This guide will benefit:

•           Management level marine engineers

•           Operational level marine engineers

•           ETOs at any level of professionalism

•           Engineering cadets

•           Electrical engineering cadets.


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