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The latest maritime publication releases: Brown's and US Nautical Almanac, Singapore Tide Tables, Witherbys and ITU editions


New Editions: picks from the latest maritime publication releases and important regulatory guidance for each title to help you decide if it’s requirement for your vessels.


Brown's Nautical Almanac 2022 - New October 2021

brown's nautical almanac
Recommended for all vessels

Completely revised each year.
The Almanac is arranged in parts that are numbered for ready reference from I to VII as follows:- I, Astronomical data in daily use by navigators, explanations of its use. II, Nautical Tables and Methods. III, Tide Tables for Home and Foreign Waters. Predictions have been compiled by the most reliable authorities as acknowledged. The Tidal Constants for British Isles and Foreign Ports. IV, Coastal Courses and Distances around the British Isles. Courses are given Correct Magnetic (2020) and in True (3-figure) notation. Distances are given to the nearest 0.25 of a mile. The Table of Courses and Distances around the British Isles, North Sea, English Channel and the Baltic Ports. V, Distance Tables giving a world-wide coverage of total distances from the principal ports of Britain, U.S.A. and Canada, to all important ports of the world.

Also includes fully updated Offshore Installations for both wind farms and oil rigs around the coast of the UK and updated meteorological information.

US – Nautical Almanac (Commercial Edition, USP NA22)

us nautical almanac commercial
Recommended for all vessels

The cornerstone for all celestial navigation, listing the celestial bodies used for navigation, a sight reduction table, and other information valuable to the offshore navigator. The content of this edition is identical to the United States Naval Observatory edition. Paradise Cay Publications is the only entity in the United States other than the US Government legally authorized to publish the full contents of the Nautical Almanac.


MPA – Singapore Tide Tables – Year 2022

MPA Singapore

Recommended for maritime industry

This 275-page book contains Tidal Height and Tidal Stream Predictions covering stations in Singapore Port waters and selected stations along the Malacca and Singapore Straits. Mariners, shipping communities, port users and other interested parties will find this book useful.The predictions consist of 5 main segments to facilitate easy reference:

High and Low Water Predictions

Hourly Tidal Height Predictions

Hourly Tidal Stream Predictions

Maximum and Slack Tidal Stream Predictions

Malacca Strait – High and Low Water Predictions

To improve the visual presentation of the predictions, bold black figures have been used to denote falling tide, and easterly tidal stream flow. Moon phases, e.g. full and new moon are also included in each calendar month to complement the prediction values.


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Witherbys – Maritime Team Dynamics – “Lessons from the Flight Deck”

maritime deck dynamics

Recommended for all vessels

This publication contains 12 aviation incidents that cross-refer to the maritime sector, highlighting important and transferable ‘lessons from the flight deck’. A discussion of these lessons follows each case study, emphasising important teamwork practices such as clear communication, situational awareness and the need for a shared mental model between all members of the bridge team.

The case studies in this publication provide lessons to be learnt from the aviation industry, showing how they mirror maritime incidents and focussing on the key human element modules included within the MCRM training. Each case study makes reference to the MRCM course structure.

The publication is a valuable resource for seafarers of all ranks and for those ashore, as the comparisons demonstrate the relevance of effective teamwork in maintaining safety throughout shipboard operations.


Witherbys – Ballast Water Management – 12 Edition

ballast water management

Recommended for all vessels

This 12th edition has undergone a major revision to reflect the evolution in the management of ballast water since the ratification of the BWM Convention. The book sets out the current national and international ballast water legislation but also details the practical installation, operational and reporting considerations of complying with these regulations. Since 28th October 2020, only BWMS with revised 2016 G8/BWMS Code Type Approval are permitted to be installed on ships that must comply with the BWM Convention. Updated data sheets with system design limitations for these BWMS are included.


Witherbys – Engine Room Watchkeeping Skills Simulator Course Part 1 and Part 2

engine room watchkeeping

Recommended for all vessels

This document provides the requirements for the Engine Room Watchkeeping Skills Simulator Course Parts 1 and 2. The overall aim is to provide candidates with the essential education and training in Engine Room Watchkeeping simulation, meeting the knowledge, understanding and proficiency requirements in accordance with MCA requirements as per STCW Table III/1.The Engine Room Watchkeeping Skills Simulator criteria have been developed to deliver training to meet the specification of minimum standards of competence of engineer officer trainees as stated in Table A-III/2 of STCW Code, 1978 as amended, hereafter referred to as STCW.The Engine Room Watchkeeping Skills Simulator training course will provide a logical progression of events, experiences, training, and achievement of objectives in a way that is not possible on board a ship. The simulator provides the candidate with a decision-making environment that may not be available on a ship.


Witherbys – General Rules for Tankers Owned or Operating in the USA – 2021-2022 Edition

general rules for tankers

Recommended for all vessels

General Rules for Tankers, Owned or Operating in the USA – 2021–2022 Edition, is edited and compiled from over 12,000 pages of regulations directly related to shipping, contained in the United States Code of Federal Regulations (CFR). It forms an accessible source of reference of the most directly relevant regulations for the tanker industry.Updated on a staggered basis annually, this publication contains the most up to date CFRs available in the published annual edition at the time of compilation. Because of the vast scale of regulations, this edition is compiled with a view to create an instantaneous and accessible resource of the most directly relevant regulations to those requiring them in the tanker industry, both at sea and ashore. This Publication addresses the primary CFR chapters and contains excerpts of the relevant regulations.

Specifically, this publication contains material from the following CFRs:

• Title 33 – Navigation and Navigable Waters

• Title 40 – Environment

• Title 46 – Shipping

• Title 49 – Transportation.


Witherbys – Guidance Manual for Tanker Structures Consolidated Edition


Recommended for all vessels

This consolidated edition combines in one guidance manual, the various sources of information necessary for assessing the condition of ballast and cargo tank structure of tankers in service. This revision includes IACS Recommendation No. 72: Confined Space Safe Practice – Rev.3 Dec 2018 and IACS Unified Requirements (UR) Survey and Certification: Z10.4 Hull Surveys of Double Hull Oil Tankers (Rev.16 May 2019), where changes introduced in Rev.16 are to be uniformly applied by IACS Societies for surveys commenced on or after 1 July 2020.


ITU 04 – List IV – List of Coast Stations and Special Service Stations (ITU 04 CD)

ITU List IV New cover image coming soon

Essential for all GMDSS vesselsList IV contains important information for the mariner in relation to radiocommunications, including the GMDSS (Global Maritime Distress and Safety System). Detailed information such as the frequencies for transmitting and receiving, in addition to geographical coordinates, is provided for maritime coast radio stations, including those assuming the watch-keeping role using digital selective calling (DSC) techniques and radiotelephony. List IV also supplies details of additional services such as medical advice, navigational and meteorological warnings, MSI (Maritime Safety Information), AIS (Automatic Identification System), meteorological bulletins and radio time signals, along with the hours of service and operational frequencies, information on port stations, pilot stations, coast Earth stations, VTS stations, contact information of RCC (Rescue Coordination Centers), SAR agencies, Navarea coordinators and AtoNs (AIS Aids to Navigation).As stipulated in Appendix 16 to the RR, this List shall be provided to all ship stations for which a Global Maritime Distress and Safety System (GMDSS) installation is required by international agreement.Only available in CD format. November, 2021


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