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OCIMF - new paper, Guidelines for the Handling, Storage, Use, Maintenance and Testing of STS Hoses

This paper should be read alongside the Ship-to-Ship Transfer Guide for Petroleum, Chemicals and Liquefied Gases (STS Transfer Guide), and the International Safety Guide for Oil Tankers and Terminals (ISGOTT) as it aims to provide additional guidance. Duplication between publications has been avoided where possible.

This paper does not cover specific details of hose construction as doing so might hinder the introduction of improved construction methods and techniques.


BIMCO ICS workforce

BIMCO & ICS Seafarer Workforce Report

- The Global Supply and Demand for Seafarers in 2021

Recommended for office


The Seafarer Workforce Report (previously known as the Manpower Report) is the industry standard resource for those seeking the market intelligence needed to develop crewing and training strategies fit for the future.

 The 2021 edition contains:

•    Detailed estimates of the current supply and demand for seafarers for the world fleet, including country-specific figures.

•    Details of the demographic composition of the supply of seafarers

•    Forward projections for the likely supply and demand situations over the next five years

•    Identification of various maritime training, recruitment and retention trends and their potential consequences



Witherbys - Passage Planning Guide: Great Barrier Reef and Torres Strait (PPG – GBRTS)

Recommended for vessels transiting Great Barrier Reef & Torres Staits


This publication has been revised to incorporate the latest guidance and practical advice for ships transiting the Great Barrier Reef and Torres Strait. It offers additional clarity on subjects such as maximum draught and UKC requirements and Australian MARPOL areas. Published in conjunction with Australian Reef Pilots and Maritime Industry Australia, this is a reliable resource for any crew navigating the region.

This publication is also designed to be used as part of the ship's pre-entry procedures and as a tool for refreshing the bridge team each time the ship is planning a passage through the GBRTS. An improved presentation of pull-out chartlets allow the book to be used in real time, giving the navigator an overview that can be lost on ships where the primary means of navigation is ECDIS. Updated traffic information and case studies based on accident reports are effective in illustrating best navigational procedures.


Check before fixing

BIMCO - Check Before Fixing 2021

Recommended to maritime industry


This publication responds to the rising prominence of risk management in the maritime industry. It is a practical handbook written by industry professionals, intended for shipping practitioners. The quick reference format aids mariners’ decision-making process on board ship. In this publication, BIMCO has built upon decades of experience advising members on standard shipping contractual issues.

This publication contains comprehensive guidance that helps shipping practitioners avoid contractual pitfalls and better understand the consequences of their commercial decisions. ‘Check Before Fixing 2021’ is an effective preventative tool to use before committing to a contract. It is also a great reference for when disputes arise under existing contracts. The updated and more accessible structure of this publication makes it easy to find the information needed to assess the risk and implications of fixture terms.


British Admiralty (UKHO) new nautical publication:



United Kingdom and Ireland (Excluding Isles of Scilly, English Channel to River Humber, Channel Islands and European Channel Ports) 2022 Edition

ISBN No: 978-0-70-772-2382


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