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New Flags in VFI Compliance Module library


New updates help ship managers to manage technical library compliance

VFI Compliance Module

Voyager FLEET INSIGHT’s Compliance Module enables shore side managers to view a complete list of the publications held on board each vessel and compare it to those that are required by their respective Flags as well as those that recommended by the IMO to make navigation compliance easier and more cost-effective.

This week we have added four new Flags to our VFI Compliance Module library as follows:

  • Denmark
  • Greece
  • Norway
  • Portugal.

Following a comprehensive review of industry Flag state requirements, we’ve also incorporated a number of changes to our other publications listings in line with latest Flag State advice around the world..

As the need for information grows and the demands on shipping companies for compliance escalates, Voyager Worldwide continues to lead from the front in providing customers with all the information they need to maintain compliance with their respective Flags as well as other leading International organisations.


Via: Voyager Worldwide


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