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Turkish Straits OCIMF

OCIMF - Guidelines for Transiting the Turkish Straits

The Turkish Straits presents a unique navigational challenge. To help the development of company risk assessments for companies operating in this area, OCIMF has updated the Guidelines for Transiting the Turkish Straits (published in 2007) and provided additional guidance. This information paper considers new and updated regulations and traffic systems, outlines risks of, and recommendations for, transiting the Turkish Straits to safety of navigation.

Helicopter\ship ICS

ICS -Guide to Helicopter / Ship Operations
Recommended for all vessels

The ICS Guide to Helicopter/Ship Operations is the industry standard best practice guide for shipping companies, ships' crew and helicopter operators.

The fifth edition provides the latest guidance on standardised procedures and facilities for helicopter/ship operations worldwide and encourages safe and efficient performance in the field. The Guide has been fully updated to reflect the most up-to-date advice from industry experts in both the maritime and aviation sectors. For ships to which the International Safety Management (ISM) Code applies, this Guide may also help in developing shipboard operating procedures and requirements for the various helicopter operations that may be undertaken on board.


Bulk Carriers INTERCARGO

INTERCARGO - Benchmarking Bulk Carriers

The INTERCARGO Benchmarking Report provides a detailed analysis of the global dry bulk cargo fleet, reporting on performance and trends across many sectors of the industry.
Information provided includes:
• The state of the global fleet, including total tonnage, deliveries and scrapping
• Performance by Class, Flag and P&I Club, including number of detentions and deficiencies
• Performance of INTERCARGO-entered ships
• Recorded incidents, negative performance indicators and casualty trends
• Regional MoU annual white/grey/black lists and the USCG targeted flag list
• Port State Control and the Concentrated Inspection Campaign.





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