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British ADMIRALTY Nautical Charts and Publications, new editions, notice of change


New editions of British Admiralty nautical charts and publications are available to order:


Charts &



New Editions of ADMIRALTY Charts Published 14th October 2021


International Chart Series, South Pacific Ocean, New Caledonia – South Coast, Ile Ouen to Ile des Pins Passe de la Sarcelle.



Scotland – West Coast, Ullapool and Approaches.

  1. Continuation of Loch Broom
  2. Ullapool.



Scotland – West Coast, Rubha Reidh to Cailleach Head.



International Chart Series, Baltic Sea, Denmark and Germany, Kieler Bucht.


New Editions of ADMIRALTY Publications Published 14th October 2021


ADMIRALTY Tide Tables. North Pacific Ocean (Including Tidal Stream Tables) Volume 6, 2022 Edition.

ISBN: 978-0-70-772-2436


New Editions of ADMIRALTY Charts to be Published 28th October 2021


Malaysia and Singapore, Johor Strait Western Part.

  1. Town Reach
  2. Pelabuhan Tanjung Pelepas.
  3. Tuas Mega Yard.



Canada, Quebec, Fleuve Saint-Laurent/St. Lawrence River, Baie des Sept Iles.



ADMIRALTY Small Craft Charts


From the 28th October 2021, Leisure folios will be withdrawn in the current folio format and their replacements will be announced over the following 6 weeks as Small Craft Charts. Between Weeks 43/21 and 48/21, the new Small Craft Charts will be released in batches of around 60 to 90 charts and will result in the current folios being withdrawn for the market. From Week 4, folios will no longer be available to buy, and all new Small Craft Sheets will be available to order via the POD service. UKHO website will be updated to reflect this change and contain all additional information.



Bristol Channel. 
5608_1 Hartland Point to Worms Head.
   5608_2 A  Padstow to Saint Ann’s Head.   
B  Boscastle to Hartland Point.  
C  Padstow to Boscastle.  
5608_3 Mumbles Head and Ilfracombe to Burnham-on-Sea.  
5608_4 A  Hartland Point to Lundy and Ilfracombe.     
B  Lundy.   
5608_5 A  Barnstaple and Bideford.    
B  Padstow.    
C  Ilfracombe.    
5608_6 Ilfracombe  to Worms Head and Mumbles Head.    
5608_7 Swansea Bay.    
5608_8 A  River Neath.   
B  Barry.     
C  Lynmouth.     
D  Porlock.    
E  Minehead.     
F  Watchet.    
5608_9 Foreland Point to Nash Point.
   5608_10 Scarweather Sands to North Kenfig Patches.   
5608_11 Porthcawl to Nash Point.    
5608_12 Watchet to Barry.     
5608_13 Barry to Stert Point.   
5608_14 Burnham-on-Sea and Approaches.
   5608_15 Flat Holm to East Usk.  
5608_16 A Bristol Deep to King Road.     
B Continuation to Avonmouth.    
5608_17 A Approaches to Barry and Cardiff.      
B Cardiff.



England - East Coast, Orford Ness to Whitby.         
5614_1 A Orford Ness to Benacre Ness.     
B Orford Ness.    
5614_2 Lowestoft to Winterton Ness.    
5614_3 Approaches to Lowestoft.     
5614_4 A Approaches to Great Yarmouth.     
B Great Yarmouth Outer Harbour.    
5614_5 A Northern Approaches to Great Yarmouth.    
B Great Yarmouth Haven.    
5614_6 A Caister-On-Sea to Mundesley.     
B Southwold Harbour.     
5614_7 A Cromer to Wells-next-the-Sea.     
B Wells-next-the-Sea.    
5614_8 Outer Approaches to The Wash. 
   5614_9 Approaches to The Wash.     
5614_10 A The Wash - Eastern Part.     
B Continuation of Lynn Cut.     
C Kings Lynn.
5614_11 A The Wash - Central Part.     
B Continuation of the River Nene.     
C Continuation of the River Nene to Wisbech.
   5614_12 A The Wash - Western Part.     
B Approaches to Boston.     
C Boston.    
5614_13 Gibraltar Point to Saltfleet.    
5614_14 Approaches to the River Humber.
   5614_15 River Humber Entrance.  
5614_16 Spurn Head to Grimsby Middle.
  5614_17 A Approaches to Grimsby.     
B Grimsby.    
5614_18 A Immingham to Saltend.   
B Goole.    
5614_19 A Kingston Upon Hull to Humber Bridge.  
B Humber Bridge to Whitton Ness.   
C Hull Docks - Western Part.  
5614_20 Whitton Ness to Goole and Keadby and Lowestoft Harbour.     
A Lowestoft Harbour.     
B Whitton Ness to Goole and Mere Dyke.     
C Continuation to Keadby.  
5614_21 Spurn Head to Flamborough Head.
   5614_22 A Bridlington to Scarborough.     
B Bridlington Harbour.    
5614_23 A Approaches to Whitby.     
B Whitby Harbour.     
C Scarborough Bay.   
D Scarborough Harbour.   
5614_24 Scarborough to Whitby.    
5614_25 Southern North Sea.      



Scotland - West Coast and Outer Hebrides - Point of Ardnamurchan to Shiant Islands.
5616_1 A Point of Ardnamurchan to Sound of Arisaig.  
B Continuation to Loch Moidart.  
5616_2 Sound of Arisaig to Mallaig.    
5616_3 A Mallaig to Glenelg.   
B Kyle Rhea.     
C Continuation of Loch Nevis.   
5616_4 A Loch Duich to Loch Carron.    
B Loch Kishorn.     
C Continuation of Loch Carron.    
5616_5 Inner Sound and Sound of Raasay - Southern Part.    
5616_6 Inner Sound and Sound of Raasay - Central Part.    
5616_7 A Inner Sound and Sound of Raasay - Northern Part.     
B Upper Loch Torridon.    
5616_8 Loch Torridon to Loch Gairloch.
   5616_9 Rona to Shiant Islands.    
5616_10 A The Little Minch - Northern Part. 
    B Loch Rodel.    
5616_11 The Little Minch - Southern Part. 
   5616_12 Rùm to Loch Bracadale.     
5616_13 A Oigh Sgeir to Barra.     
B Acairseid Mhór.    
5616_14 Point of Ardnamurchan to Rùm. 
   5616_15 A Loch Brittle to Loch Eishort.   
B Continuation of Loch Eishort.    
5616_16 Sound of Eigg and Sound of Rùm. 
   5616_17 A Loch Hourn.     
B Continuation of Loch Hourn.     
C Inverie Bay.      
D Mallaig Harbour.    
5616_18 A Kyle Akin.      
B Loch Alsh.     
C Upper Loch Carron.    
5616_19 A Gairloch.     
B Portree Harbour.     
C Uig.    
5616_20 Loch Dunvegan.    
5616_21 A Approaches to Castle Bay.     
B Castle Bay.     
C Continuation of the Sound of Arisaig.
5616_22 Loch Boisdale.    
5616_23 Lochs on the East Coast of Uist.  
A Loch Eport.     
B Loch Carnan.     
C Loch Skipport.     
D Loch Eynort.    
5616_24 Loch Maddy.    
5616_25 Outer Approaches to Tarbert.
   5616_26 A Approaches to Tarbert.   
B Tarbert.   
C Continuation of Loch Ceann Dibig.  
5616_27 Isle of Mull to Isle of Lewis.      



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