Latest maritime industry news and regulations


Latest maritime industry news and regulations
Top picks from this week's latest maritime publication releases and important regulatory guidance for each title to help you decide if its requirement for your vessels.


Competence Assurance Guidelines for FPSOs

[WITH 289-EB]

This publication sets out the basic skills and knowledge requirements for safe operation of F(P)SO installations and the training and assessment of F(P)SO personnel to meet them.

It has been produced by OCIMF in cooperation with the Marine Safety Sub-Committee of The International Association of Oil and Gas Procedures (OGP) and with OGP’s endorsement.


Anchor Handling Tug Operations (Clark & Hancox)

Anchor handling tug
[OTH 002-EB / OTH 002]
eBook and Hardcopy

This book provides guidance on safe operation of anchor handling tug supply vessels. It discusses the theory and techniques used in anchor handling and towing operations, AHTS vessel capability, roles of onboard personnel and potential dangers.


Jetty Maintenance and Inspection Guide OCIMF

[WITH 251-EB]

This guide provides information on the basic function, failure, inspection, maintenance and repair of all the key equipment items and systems. It is not intended to provide guidance on safety management procedures or to replace the manufacturers’ instruction manuals. However, it is designed to provide a description of a typical jetty and the likely faults that may occur if maintenance work is not carried out regularly.


IACS Double Hull Oil Tankers: Guidelines for Surveys, Assessment and Repair of Hull Structures 3rd Edition 2024

double hull oil tankers
[WITH 255 / WITH 255-EB]
Hardcopy / eBook

This manual offers guidelines for double hull oil tankers constructed primarily for the carriage of oil in bulk. It includes a review of survey preparation guidelines which cover safety elements and the preparations required before surveys can be carried out.

The book highlights what to look for, possible causes and recommends viable repair methods.

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