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GNS, Cornes Charts and Safe Navigation are rebranding. Their new name will be Voyager Worldwide.


From 1 July 2020, GNS and the two other maritime navigation companies in the Cornes Group, Cornes Charts and Safe Navigation, will be coming together under the Voyager Worldwide brand. This will mean that the logos for each of these companies will be replaced with the Voyager Worldwide logo.

Three companies mentioned above are coming together under a single brand to provide a more efficient global service and stronger navigation expertise and technology capability to meet the global maritime industry’s increasing e-navigation and digitization requirements. However, everything that makes each of the companies great will remain the same – services, products and people.

The Cornes Chart Group, GNS and Safe Navigation web sites will redirect you the www.voyagerww.com  web site with better resources to support you worldwide.

The new Voyager Worldwide company name and logo has been chosen to represent the strength of GNS’s Voyager software platform, the stability and longevity of the Cornes business and an increased global scale that now stretches from Hong Kong and Japan across Europe to USA.

To find out more about news, please visit: https://www.gnsworldwide.com/global-navigation-solutions-rebranding/