Witherbys Flag State Regulations


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Witherbys Flag State Regulations


Flag State Regulations

Witherbys Flag State Regulations is a digital, up-to-date and fully compliant maritime regulatory solution that provides full, easy access to flag State and IMO/ILO compliance legislation.

The solution ensures that a vessel complies with the highest standards in maritime security and safety by enabling crews to have instant access to all official publications during inspections.

Benefits include:
• Access your maritime publications and digital regulations in a single source.
• Mandatory IMO Codes and Conventions are included.
• Pick and choose relevant flag State regulations.
• Powerful search functionality helps locate key pieces of information and legislation.
• Easily annotate your eBooks with a highlighter tool, comment tool, underlines, callout arrows, and much more.
• Publications can be viewed while connected to the internet and are downloaded to the browser’s cache for access offline, providing flexible access.
• The IMO certificate is stored within Witherby Connect  for inspections.
• Automatic updates through online synchronisation.


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