Shipping Regulations and Guidance


Shipping Regulations and Guidance

Flag State Regulations and Guidance Updates

Flag State Circulars

UK – has released two new or updated documents:
a marine guidance note entitled 'Maritime Labour Convention 2006 Seafarers Employment Agreements'
a marine information note entitled 'Updated Guidance on Booking Oral Exams, the Issue of Notices of Eligibility (NOEs) and the Online Oral Exam Process'.

Australia – has updated a marine order entitled 'Certificates of competency—national law'.

USA – has published two new safety alerts:
'Verify Launching Appliance Winch Component Rating: Exceeding electrical duty rating can lead to failure'
'Dangerous Gas Buildup in Fish Holds'.

Panama – has released four new or updated documents:
two marine notices:
'Repatriation of Seafarers due to the Situation in Ukraine'
'Coronavirus and Seafarers Employment Agreement and Certificates'
two circulars:
'Bareboat Charter insert in the Continuous Synopsis Record (CSR)'
'Implementation of New Ship’s Routeing System in Panama'.

Isle of Man – has issued a new technical advisory notice entitled 'Guidance for Shipowners Following Invasion of Ukraine'.

Singapore – has released three new documents:
a shipping circular entitled 'Prevention of Pollution of the Sea (Air) (Amendment No. 2) Regulations 2022'
two port marine circulars:
'Crew Change for Cargo Ships in the Port of Singapore and Application for Vaccination'
'Requirements for Vessels Arriving in the Port of Singapore During COVID-19'.

Hong Kong – has published two new merchant shipping information notes:
'An explosion happened when a hydraulic pump motor of the windlass system was switched on'
'A fatal accident happened on board during the repair of an outlet valve of the exhaust gas boiler'.

Cyprus – has published a new circular entitled 'Urgent Provisional Measures for the operation of Cyprus ships during the Covid-19'.


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