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OCIMF, U.S. Coast Guard - Customer Announcement and New Edition Information



OCIMF - Withdrawn Information Papers

As part on the ongoing OCIMF publications review, the Publications and Advocacy - Offshore and Publications and Advocacy - Tankers, Terminals and Barges Committees have withdrawn the following Information Papers:
An Information Paper on Pumproom Safety (1995)
Marine Injury Reporting Guidelines (1997)
Ship Measurement - Deadweight or Displacement? (2000)
Industry Code of Practice on Ship Recycling (2001)
Specification Guidance For Dock Hoses (2006)
Oily Water Separators (2006)
Guidelines on Safety Management Systems for Hot Work and Entry into enclosed spaces (2008)
Extract from Survival Craft Seafarers’ Guide (2008)
Ship To Ship Transfer Check List Appendix 1 (2009)
Ship To Ship Transfers Considerations Reverse Lightering (2009)
Cargo Inspectors - Safe Working Practices (2009)
Recommendation Briefing Paper For OCIMF Member Companies On Guidelines For Transiting The Straits Of Magellan
Including Commentary On Passages Around Cape Horn (2010)
Maintaining Structural and Operational Integrity on Tankers Carrying Cold Oil Cargoes (2012)
Recommendations For The Safe Management Of Cargo Additive Activities Onboard (2013)
Guide to Purchasing High Modulus Synthetic Fibre Mooring Lines (2014)
The Hazards of Snap-back - Initial learnings from a serious incident of mooring line failure (2014)
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The latest maritime publication releases and important regulatory guidance for each title to help you decide if its requirement for your vessels.

U.S. Coast Guard 515 (2-vols.), 2021/2022 Edition

US Coast Guard

Essential for vessels in US waters

This comprehensive volume is updated and revised as of July 1, 2021 and contains selected regulations enforced by the United States Coast Guard from Title 33 (Navigation and Navigable Waters) and Title 46 (Shipping) of the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR). These regulations relate to all non-U.S. Flag vessel design, equipment and operations in United States waters.

Final U.S.C.G. Rules Through July 1, 2021

International Ship and Port Facility Security (ISPS) Code
Maritime Transportation Security Act
Container Security Initiative
Latest Amendments and Resolutions
Navigation Rules
Meets U.S. Coast Guard Regulations

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