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British Admiralty News and Customer Announcements: Nautical Publications - Printing issues; Scheduled maintenance; New coverage in Greenland




ADMIRALTY Nautical Publications (NPs) - Printing issues


Some copies of the latest edition of NP286(6), published on 4 February 2021 may have the following printing issues:

- Pages 61-76 missing

- Pages 29-44 duplicated

Customers who received copies with the above-mentioned issues, please contact our Customer Services team. UKHO apologises for the inconvenience this may cause.


Scheduled maintenance 1 April


Customers are advised that we will be undertaking scheduled maintenance from approx 1300 until 1600 GMT on 1 April impacting our response times for Admiralty digital orders. We apologise for the disruption to service during this time.


New coverage in Greenland


New ENCs with limited depiction. In order to release multibeam survey information in Greenland as quickly as possible to the mariner, the Danish Hydrographic Office has produced a series of ENCs with limited content where there are currently no existing ENCs available to end-users. These new ENCs (known as Base Content ENCs) will improve safety to the mariner by releasing modern accurate information, where previously there was only smaller scale or no ENC coverage.

The first four new Base Content ENCs (DK4AQEUE, DK4AQEWE, DK4AQEYE and DK4AQFAE) have been released today (WK8/2021).

Coverage diagrams can be found below.

Greenland ENCs


In the interests of speed, only new geo positionally correct coastline, multibeam survey and Aids to Navigation have been included. Most other features, including bathymetry from older sources, are omitted in areas outside of multibeam surveys.

Mariners are advised to refer to published Standard Nautical Charts for additional content outside multibeam areas.

The Danish Hydrographic Office has informed that they plan to release 18 Base Content ENCs this year.




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