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List of available publications Witherby Seamanship Library:

ProductCode Title

WS1355EA (BLCH) Guide - Bulk Liquid Chemical Handling Guide for Plants Terminals and Depots

MM1316EA 2001 MODU Code

MM1301EA 2009 MODU Code

MM1016EA 2010 FTP Code - International Code for Application of Fire Test Procedures 2012 Edition

MM1136EA 2011 ESP Code

WS1154EA A Guide to Contingency Planning for the Gas Carrier Alongside and Within Port Limits

WS1072EA A Master's Guide to Berthing

WS1038EA A Pocket Book of Marine Engineering - Questions and Answers

WS1090EA Accident Prevention (IP4) the use of Hoses and hard Arms

4436f019 American Practical Navigator

PT1013EA An Introduction To Bunkering 2nd Edition

WS1256EA Anchoring Systems and Procedures

WS9002EA30 Bahamas Regulations 2014

WS1419EA Ballast Water Management

MM1202EA Ballast Water Management Convention 2009

WS1166EA Barge Safety (Liquefied Cargoes in Bulk)

MM1200EA BCH Code 2008

MM1313EA BLU Code 2011

WS1311EA BMP4 Version 4

MA1000EA Bridge Procedure Guide

PT1014EA Bunkers - An Analysis of the Technical and Environmental Issues. Fourth Edition

WS1104EA Captains Legal

WS1036EA Cargo Notes 2nd Edition

MM1388EA Casualty Investigation Code

4436f040 CDI Best practice recommendations regarding the use of Nitrogen

WS1437EA Chemical Hose Management

WS1002EA Chemical Tanker Notes

WS1380EA Chemical Tankers - A Pocket Safety Guide

MM1247EA Civil Liability for Oil Pollution Damage (1992 CLC and 1992 Fund Convention)

WS1144EA Clean Seas Guide For Oil Tankers (4th Edition 1994)

MM1017EA Code of Safe Practice for Ships carrying Timber Deck Cargoes 2011 (KA275E)

MM1279EA Code on Alerts and Indicators 2009

MM1331EA Code on Noise Levels on Board Ships

WS1227EA Competence Assurance Guidelines For F(P)SO's

WS1418EA Competence Assurance Guidelines for Mooring, Loading and Lightering Masters (CAG)

MM1035EA Comprehensive Manual on Port Reception Facilities

WS1007EA Container Refrigeration

WS1153EA Contingency Planning and Crew Response Guide for Gas Carrier Damage at Sea and in Port Approaches

MM1008EA Control and Management of Ships' Biofouling

WS1399EA Coping with Capture

WS1059EA Crew Safety Standards and Training for Large LNG Carriers Esssential best practices for the industry

WS1078EA Crude Oil Tanker Basics - The Theory and Practice of Crude oil Cargo Operations

MM1306EA CSS (Cargo Stowage & Securing) Code 2011

WS9002EA32 Danish Regulations 2014

MM1320EA Dedicated Clean Ballast Tanks

WS1160EA Design and Construction Specification for Marine Loading Arms

WS1429EA Dictionary of Maritime Terms English-Italian-English

WS1158EA Disabled Tankers - Report of Studies on Ship Drift & Towage

WS1228EA Drift Characteristics Of 50000 To 70000 DWT Tankers

WS1108EA Dry Docking and Shipboard Maintenance - A Guide for Industry

WS1428EA ECDIS Passage Planning

WS1365EA ECDIS Procedures Guide

WS1408EA ECDIS The Customer Perspective

WS1169EA Effective Mooring 3rd edition

Electronic Format - Recognition

WS1395EA Emergency Response and Rescue Vessels (ERRVs)

4436f038 Emergency Response Guidebook ERG 2012

FT1002EA Emission Control Areas: The Guide Part 1

4436f030 ESD Arrangements & Linked Ship/Shore Systems For Liquefied Gas Carriers

MM1387EA Facilitation and Electronic Business - Revised IMO Compendium

MM1002EA FAL Convention 2011 edition

MM1243EA FSS Code

MM1031EA GMDSS Manual 2013

MM1330EA Goal-Based Ship Construction Standards for Bulk Carriers and Oil Tankers

MM1240EA Grain Code

WS1024EA Guidance Booklet on Seafarers Hours of Work and Rest (ILO 180 / MLC 2006)

MM1386EA Guidance Document on the Implementation of an Incident Management System (IMS) 2012

WS1023EA Guidance Manual For Maintenance Of Tanker Structures

WS1417EA Guidance Manual for Tanker Structures

WS1067EA Guidance on the Selection and Installation of Ballast Water Management Systems for Tankers

WS1206EA Guide for a Tanker Energy Efficiency Management Plan

WS1390EA Guide for Correct Entries in the Oil Record Book (Part I)

WS1410EA Guide for Correct Entries in the Oil Record Book (Part II)

MM1023EA Guide to Cold Water Survival (2012)

MA1002EA Guide to Helicopter/Ship Operations

WS1170EA Guide to Manufacturing and Purchasing Hoses for Offshore Moorings (GMPHOM) 2009

MM1005EA Guide to maritime security and the ISPS Code

SG1006EA Guide To Port Entry 2013-2014

MM8003EA Guide to Ship Sanitation

MM1029EA Guideline for Oil Spill Response in Fast Currents

4436f045 Guidelines for Offshore Marine Operations


WS1091EA Guidelines for Shipboard Odourisation of LPG

MM1295EA Guidelines for the Control and Management of Ships' Ballast Water

WS1249EA Guidelines for the Design Operation and Maintenance of Multi Buoy Moorings

WS1161EA Guidelines for the Purchasing and Testing of SPM Hawsers

MM1315EA Guidelines on Fatigue

MA1003EA Guidelines on the Application of the ISM Code

WS1008EA Hatch Covers - Operation Testing and Maintenance

WS1167EA Hawser Test Report

WS1075EA Helicopter Operations at Sea: A Guide for Industry

MM1030EA HNS Convention 2010 (2013 Edition)

MM1034EA Hong Kong Convention for Ships Recycling

MM1281EA HSC Code 1994

MM1282EA HSC Code 2000

WS1079EA Hydrates in LPG Cargoes

MM1391EA IAMSAR Manual 2013 Vol. I

MM1392EA IAMSAR Manual 2013 Vol. II

MM1329EA IAMSAR Manual 2013 Vol. III

MM1235EA IBC Code 2007 Edition

MM1242EA IGC Code

WS9000EA23 ILO Conventions C2 - C188

MM1300EA IMDG Code 2010 Supplement

MM1027EA IMDG Code 2012 Edition

MM1244EA IMO COLREG Consolidated Edition 2003


WS9001EA36 IMO Resolutions 1953 to 2011

MM1028EA IMO Resolutions A27

MM1318EA IMO Standard Marine Communication Phrases

WS1413EA IMPA on Pilotage

MM1032EA IMSBC Code 2013

WS1391EA In Command (200 things I wish I'd known before I was Captain)

MM1241EA Inert Gas Systems

WS1101EA Inspection Repair and Maintenance of Ship Structures 2nd Edition

4436F044 Insulation Flanges at the Ship/Shore and Ship/Ship Interface (SIGTTO paper)

MM1308EA International Code Of Signals



MM8002EA International Health Regulations (IHR 2005)

MM8000EA International Medical Guide for Ships

WS1076EA International Navigating Conditions Map

WS1404EA INTERTANKO Guide to the Vetting Process 10th Ed.

WS1029EA INTERTANKO Guiding Principles to Emergency Management and Crisis Communications

WS1028EA INTERTANKO Vetting Clauses - A Practical Guide

WS1080EA Introduction to the Design and Maintenance of cargo system pressure relief valves onboard gas carriers

WS1142EA ISGOTT (International Safety Guide for Oil Tankers and Terminals) 5th Edition

WS9002EA38 Isle of Man Regulations 2014

MM1393EA ISM Code 2014

MM1239EA ISPS Code

WS1098EA Jetty Maintenance and Inspection Guide

WS1382EA Liquefied Gas Carriers - Your Personal Safety Guide

WS1082EA Liquefied Gas Fire Hazard Management

WS1083EA Liquefied Gas Handling Principles on Ships and in Terminals 3rd ed.

WS1069EA LIQUEFIED GASES - Marine Transportation and Storage

WS1084EA LNG Operations in Port Areas

WS1085EA LNG Shipping Competency Standards v2

WS1310EA LNG Shipping Knowledge

WS1607EA LNG Steamship Suggested Competency Standards for Engineers

4436f035 LNG Transfer Arms and Manifold Procedures

4436f043 LNG/LPG Experience Matrix

MM1238EA Load Lines Convention

WS1217EA LPG Gas Sampling Procedures

WS1086EA LPG Shipping Competency Standards

MM1275EA LSA Code 2010

WS1260EA Macneil's Seamanship Examiner COLREGS Pocket Book

WS1262EA Macneil's Seamanship Examiner OOW Pocket Book

WS1261EA MacNeil's Seamanship Examiner Mates/Masters Pocket Book

WS1309EA Manifold Recommendations for Liquefied Gas Carriers









WS1384EA Marine Bulk Cargo Measurement Surveys - Metric

WS1398EA Marine Fuels and Emissions

WS1221EA Marine Survival. 3rd Edition

WS1113EA Marine Terminal Management and Self Assessment (MTMSA)

MM1276EA Maritime Safety Information

MM1022EA MARPOL Annex V - Implementation (2012 Edition)

MM1328EA MARPOL Annex VI and NTC 2008 (2013)

MM1383EA MARPOL Consolidated Edition 2011

WS9002EA33 Marshall Islands Regulations 2014

WS1139EA Mooring Equipment Guidelines (3rd Edition 2009)

WS9002EA35 MSC MEPC Res-Circ 2014

WS1383EA MTOCT Guide

WS1307EA NAVBasics

WS1010EA Navigation Advanced Mates/Masters

WS1348EA Navigation for Masters 4th Edition

MM1021EA NAVTEX Manual 2012

MM1038EA Noise Levels on Board Ships

OCIMF Information Papers

WS1222EA Offshore Engineering and Production 3rd Ed

WS1159EA Offshore Loading Safety Guidelines with special relevance to harsh weather zones

WS1366EA Offshore Vessel Management and Self Assessment (OVMSA)

WS1266EA Oil Pollution in Ice Covered Waters

WS1068EA Oil Pollution Legislation in Littoral States of the USA

WS1381EA Oil Tankers - A Pocket Safety Guide

WS1349EA Onboard Safety

MM1248EA OPRC Convention 1990

MM1012EA OSV Code

MM1018EA OSVs - Transport And Handling of HNS

WS1433EA Panama Canal - Guidance for LNG Carriers Transiting the

WS1426EA Parallel Index Techniques in Restricted Waters

WS1423EA Passage Planning Guidelines

WS1013EA Passage Planning Practice

WS1012EA Passage Planning Principles

MM1304EA Performance Standards

WS1140EA Peril at Sea and Salvage - A Guide for Masters (5th Edition 1998)

WS1149EA Piracy And Armed Robbery Against Ships Code of Practice for Countermeasures for use by Terminal Operators and other Shore Authorities (First Edition 2000)

MM1390EA Pocket Guide to Recovery Techniques

WS1207EA Pocket Safety Guide - Confined Spaces

WS1208EA Pocket Safety Guide - Fire Extinguisher

WS1209EA Pocket Safety Guide - H2S

WS1210EA Pocket Safety Guide - Lifting Appliances

WS1211EA Pocket Safety Guide - Manual Handling

WS1212EA Pocket Safety Guide - Permit to Work


WS1073EA Port Harbour and Terminal Regulations

WS1424EA Practical Marine Electrical Knowledge

WS1146EA Prevention of Oil Spillages Through Cargo Pumproom Sea Valves (2nd Ed. 1991)

MM1019EA Procedures for Port State Control 2011

MM1014EA Provisions concerning the Reporting of Incidents Involving Harmful Substances


MM8001EA Quantification Addendum: International Medical Guide for Ships

WS1087EA Quantity Calculations LPG and Chemical Gases 2nd Ed

WS1147EA Recommendations for Equipment employed in the bow mooring of conventional tankers at single point moorings (4th Edition 2007)

WS1145EA Recommendations for Oil Tanker Manifolds and Associated Equipment (4th Ed)

MM1010EA Recommendations on Safe Transport of Dangerous Cargoes in Port Areas

4436f031 Report On The Effects Of Fire On LNG Carrier Containment Systems

WS1171EA Response to Marine Oil Spills 2nd Edition 2012

WS1094EA Risk Based Approach for the Evaluation of Firefighting Equipment on Liquefied Gas Jetties

4436f039 Rollover in LNG Ships

WS1405EA Rule 10 TSS

MM1037EA Safe Containers CSC Code

MM1326EA SafetyNET Manual 2011

MM1389EA SAR Convention 1979

WS1003EA Seamanship Notes

WS1095EA Ship Shore Interface (IP no.16) Safe Working Practice for LPG and Liquefied Chemical Gas Cargoes

WS1392EA Ship Agency - A Guide To Tramp Ship Agency Practice

WS1360EA Ship Automation for Marine Engineers and ETOs

4436f010 Ship Captains Medical Guide

FT1008EA Ship Efficiency: The Guide

WS1251EA Ship Manoeuvering Principles and Pilotage

WS1062EA Ship Squat and Interaction

WS1009EA Ship Stability Mates/Masters

WS1037EA Ship Stability OOW

WS1283EA Ship to Ship Service Provider Management

WS1412EA Ship to Ship Transfer Guide for Petroleum Chemicals and Liquefied Gases

WS1088EA Ship Vetting and its Application to LNG

WS1257EA Shipboard Safety Officer Notes

WS1204EA13 Shipping Regulations And Guidance - Periodical 13

WS1432EA Shipping Regulations Consolidated Edition 2014

4436f036 Shipping Terms and Acronyms

MM1033EA Ships' Routeing 2013

4436f032 Simulation Information Paper: The Use of Computer Simulation in LNG Shipping and Terminal Applications

WS9002EA34 Singapore Regulations 2014

WS1152EA Single Point Mooring Maintenance & Operations Guide

SIRE Documents

WS1089EA Site Selection & Design (IP no. 14) for LNG Ports & Jetties

MM1394EA SOLAS 2014

MM1234EA SOPEP 2010

WS1164EA SPM Hose System Design Commentary

MM1305EA STCW 2011

SH1001EA Supply Ship Operations - A Handbook (2011)

WS1229EA Survival Craft

WS1197EA Tandem Mooring and Offloading Guidelines for Conventional Tankers at F(P)SO Facilities

WS1022EA Tanker Jetty Safety

WS1141EA Tanker Management And Self Assessment - A Best-Practice Guide For Vessel Operators (2nd Edition 2008)

WS1014EA Tanker Safety Training - Liquefied Gas

WS1214EA Tanker Vetting

WS1252EA Tankers: An Introduction to the Transportation of Oil by Sea

WS1254EA The Complete Chief Officer

WS1035EA The FPSO Handbook

WS1061EA The Ice Navigation Manual

WS1017EA The Masters Pocketbook Series - Checklists

WS1016EA The Masters Pocketbook Series - Standby Vessels

WS1018EA The Pocketbook of Anchoring

WS1253EA The Safe Transfer of Liquefied Gas in an Offshore Environment (STOLGOE)

4436f041 The Selection and Testing of Valves for LPG Applications

WS1269EA The Use of Large Tankers in Seasonal First-Year Ice and Severe Sub-Zero Conditions

BF1001EA Thomas' Stowage

MM1312EA Tonnage Measurement of Ships 1969

WS1096EA Training of Terminal Staff Involved in Loading & Discharging Carriers

WS9002EA37 UK Regulations 2014

WS9002EA24 US Regulations 2014

WS1416EA USA Barge Operations

4436f034 World Countries Information


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