PRIMAR CD Service: updates on request.

One of the Frequently Asked Question is:

How to update the ENCs PRIMAR?

How to get updates for PRIMAR  on-line, by e-mail, or on disks


PRIMAR ENCs weekly updates are available via email, online or on DVD (CD). The PRIMAR catalog is available by website.

E-Data LLC receives from the user  a list of required charts. PRIMAR ENCs on-line collection is updated weekly,   updates are to be download from PRIMAR website. E-Data LLC support team provides users with quick access to the most up-to-date information. 

The most convenient option is PRIMAR CD Service.

We supply the discs with PRIMAR ENCs  updates on request. The update CD contains an encrypted copy of all ENCs (base and update files) issued since the base CD set was produced. All files are provided on a single CD. We provide the disks to your agent or to the port if necessary.


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