Obtaining a license for IMO Electronic Publications. Instructions, validity period, etc.


How to purchase and download the official copies of IMO publications? What is the validity period of the IMO publications license?


The license for IMO electronic publications in the IMO Bookshelf program is not limited in time, it is valid as long as the publication still be up to date.


How to access your E-book, E-reader file or Subscription:

1. Go to IMO Publications and click on ‘Purchase IMO publications’ on the right hand side of the screen

2. On the next pop up screen choose ‘Skip Intro to Webshop’

3. Once in the Webshop click on ‘My Account/Downloads’ on the right hand side of the screen

4. Log in using the email and password you chose when purchasing the title(s)

5. On the left hand side of the screen click on ‘E-books, E-reader files & Subscriptions’

6. The IMO Publishing’s Virtual Publications site should open automatically giving access to your purchased title(s). If it does not please click on ‘Submit’

7. Click on your purchased title(s): For Ebooks you must add your name when prompted for licencing purposes before saving the file(s)

8. For E-reader files you must follow the instructions in the pop up box

9. For Subscriptions the link will automatically open the product for you

Via: IMO FAQ Downloading your E-book, E-reader file or Subscription.pdf


More info about IMO Publications


All relevant product codes will remain the same. For example, all e-reader product codes start with a ‘K’, thus, KM200E is the e-reader product code for the 2020 edition of the IMDG Code.

If you’re curious about how IMO Publishing product codes are put together, please check the ‘Anatomy of a Product Code’ document:

IMO product codes

Purchases of e-readers for the new IMO Bookshelf service can be made, as usual, through your account manager.

If you have previously purchased e-readers for the Windows-based IMO Bookshelf, you will also see the original READ code underneath the new login credentials. This code is for reference only and will be essential to assist with migrating the previously purchased products to the new IMO Bookshelf service, if you wish to do so.

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