TGT e-Data поддерживает передачу Извещений Мореплавателям всех основных гидрографических служб

 TGT e-Data поддерживает передачу Извещений Мореплавателям всех основных гидрографических служб

TGT E-Data NM 20 Hydrographic Offices

1.  The United Kingdom Hydrographic Office (UKHO/BA);

2.    The Japan Hydrographic Office (JHOD/JP);

3.    The New Zealand Hydrographic Office (LINZ);

4.    The Australian Hydrographic Association (AHS);

5.    The National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA);

6.    The Canadian Coast Guard (CCG);

7.    The Korean Hydrographic Office (KHOA);

8.    The Maritime Safety Administration of the People's Republic of China (CH);

9.    The Navigation Guarantee Department of the Chinese Navy (CN);

10. The Hong Kong Hydrographic Office (HKHO);

11. The Russian Hydrographic Office (RU);

12. The Royal Malaysian Navy (MAL);

13. The Singapore Port Authority MPA (SG);

14. The Royal Thailand Navy (TH);

15. The Vietnam Maritime Safety Assurance (VN);

16. The Taiwan Navy Command Headquarters (TW);

17. The Indonesian Hydrographic Office (ID);

18. The Philippines National Mapping and Resource Information Authority (PH);

19. The Indian Hydrographic Office (IN);

20. The Brazilian Navy Hydrographic Center (BR);

21.The Argentine Naval Hydrographic Service (AR).