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Ship Collection Management

Track the status of each electronic chart on board and be sure in the safety of the ship and compliance.

You can monitor the services, which your ships are subscribed to, and view the dates of the latest updates in the subscription management menu. It shows the actual collection of the vessel in real time.

The menu can be seen by logging in here using your login or in the test mode:

login: companytest@tgtedata.com

password: 12345

The entire subscription collection is displayed in the ship's subscription management menu: the number of digital publications and electronic charts cells.

You can see information on the new electronic updates and their relevance. It is shown which licenses are still in effect and which ones are already expired. To see more information, just click on the value you want to check.

You can also see the list of electronic publications, their date, status mark, license expiry date and week of the update. If necessary, you can select each group from the subscription management menu by clicking on the desired value.

In addition to electronic materials, the menu allows you to see your paper charts and publications as well, but license expiration dates are not displayed for them.



E-Data LLC took part in the 28th International Maritime Trade Fair SMM-2018 on September 4-7, 2018 in Hamburg. The event was visited by the director Miroslav Alekseev. Participation in the event helped us to establish a large number of new business contacts and strengthen relationships with our customers.


E-Data LLC (represented by Miroslav Alekseev) visited the exhibition Posidonia 2018 on June 4-8, 2018. E-Data LLC Company’s management is a regular visitor of this exhibition, as the topical problems of the shipping industry are discussed there.


We support our specialists and appreciate their effort. As a reward for an excellent job, Technical Support member is sent to Global Navigation Solutions training courses to learn how to work more efficiently with the company's digital products in order to provide better service for our customers.


TGT e-Data takes part in SEA Japan 2018 on April 11-13, 2018 collectively with CORNES & COMPANY LIMITED.
Tokyo Big Sight Exhibition Center, stand C-34.
TGT e-Data is represented by Miroslav Alekseev.


E-Data LLC and Global Navigation Solutions - on TRANSTEC NEVA SHOW 2015